Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Place: Inside one of those new-fangled, non-stinky, composting pit toilets at the campground.

The Time: After dark.

The Conversation:

J [shining flashlight into the hole]: Is that corn?

Me: Let me see! Oh my god, is that corn? Or is it vomit?

J: Come on, let's go.

Me: Wait, shine it down there again!

J: This is disgusting.

Me: Is there really corn?! I think it might be vomit.

J: [shakes head and walks out]


Lever said...

What? Was that on the toilet seat? Urgh!

Big Ed said...


Me and the ex have had conversations like that.....very cool!

*Two Thumbs Up*


Kat E said...

Lever, actually the outhouse itself was impeccably clean (and really did NOT smell at all, it was amazing!) So no, nothing was on the seat. We were looking in the hole--there are some things I just can't help...

Chrysanthemum said...

You are one of the strangest people that I have ever met in my life. Although, I must admit... Dave and I probably would have had the same conversation.

Chrysanthemum said...

Hey... wait a minute. Are you trying to move in on my poop-blogging action?

Kat E said...

Chrys: I will take that as a compliment ;) And I would never dream of moving in on your poop-blogging action--I just tells it likes it is. You remain the poop-blogging master.

Lever said...

LOL the power of compulsion huh?