Thursday, September 01, 2005

I am so sick of Connecticut drivers. Yesterday, a guy in a town car tried to pass me on the right, so I sped up a little because passing on the right is a dick move. Mind you, I did not slam on the gas or anything, I just moved up to close the gap a little between me and the car in front of me. Well, Town Car apparently thought that my car was made of magical pixie dust, because he decided he was going to get in the left lane whether or not my car happened to be in his way. I am not kidding, the guy just started pulling over even though we overlapped by half a car length. I layed on my horn, giving a full continuous honk puncuated by a few small ones at the end, for good measure.

What do I get in return? Town Car gave me the air-handjob sign. Now, I expect those kind of responses from little pricks in souped-up Subarus, but this was a man probably at least my father's age. And he had a passenger with him! I have to wonder, did she cheer him on, or tell him to stop driving like a maniac? I'm guessing the former, because later on I spotted him actually straddling the two lanes at a very congested spot in the road, presumably so that he could quickly pick whichever one was moving faster ("8 mph or 10 mph? I must get those extra 2 mph so I won't be late for that seminar on beating my wife more effectively!!"). For all that effort, he never got more than a couple of cars ahead of me over the course of at least 10 miles. Let's just say it's a good thing I don't keep a pellet gun in the car.

Maybe this rant sounds like no big deal to you, but these are the people I deal with every fucking day on my commute. Add to that the fact that gas is now over $3/gallon, and I wonder why the hell I even bother going to work anymore. Especially those days when I sit in my office and am bothered by absolutely NO ONE, not a phone call, nothing. I could totally do my job from home. Thanks for letting me vent :)


Big Ed said...

Venting good...repressing bad....

I used to repress...bad things happened :-)

Next time you see him, get his license number...In texas at least, you can call and report them and the cops will send thema warning in the's kinda fun :-) I only reserve it for the worst assholes I fact I think I've only done it twice...

So vent away I say...vent until you can vent no more...and then do it some more!!!!



Chrysanthemum said...

In CT, you can actually call the troopers and tell them where you are and if there's someone around, they'll go get him. The Boy always wants to do it when we come across someone like that on the road.

I'm totally with you on the drive, sister. It effing sucks, and the gas prices make it less and less worthwhile.

Lever said...

OK, *who* told you I drive a Subaru huh? LOL

You should definitely get embarassing bumper stickers made up to slap on those cars if/when you see 'em again. Did BB tell you about the guy I used to live near? He drove like an ass, wheel-spinning outta my road everyday - we got a little "dymo" sticker made up for his rear licence plate that read "Anal Intruder" Not so cool now, aye, boy racer? LOL