Wednesday, September 21, 2005

18 days until my wedding and:

-My face is breaking out as if I were still 17 and slaving over oil vats as the assistant manager at my dad's ill-fated fried chicken franchise.

-I ate like a pig all weekend, surely plumping myself up just enough so that my dress will refuse to zip.

-My feet are not in the kind of optimal shape I would have preferred.

-Neither are my arms. A regimen of vigorous arm circles and tricep exercises must be put back into place immediately.

-We finally just figured out the ceremony, though we still have to wait and see if our neo-pagan-like choices will be OK'd by the minister (who happens to be my uncle). He did say "I want it to be what you want"...

-I still have placecards, CDs, hair accessories and some decorations to finish. I need to buy a guestbook.

-Our house is a disgusting pit that is even driving J crazy. You know it's bad when a mess can give the man of the house a panic attack.

-I have no idea what I will pack for our half-rainforest/half-island honeymoon (except for camera, swimsuit and snorkeling gear, those have already made the list).

-I am incredibly excited to see all of the family and friends who will be attending.

-I can't believe I am getting married!


Chrysanthemum said...

Yay! It will all come together and before you know it you'll be reading your vows.

Shit... did I freak you out more? ;)

Honestly... everything will fall into place and you're going to have a fabulous time. (remember to show me this in about 8 months)

Lever said...

Neo-pagan huh? Now *that* sounds rather splendid :)

Get J a couple o' beers from me and chuck all the stuff in a big box, it can wait whilst he enjoys a brew :D

Big Ed said...

2 weeks after the wedding you'll be looking around going...ok what's different now?

Which is not a bad thing trust me...after all the craziness on the day of, you will be quite happy with normalcy.

Of course, I envy you in the fact that you are getting married...I hope everything goes well. I really do.