Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I was at church this weekend

red dragonfly
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Camping was just what we needed! I am convinced this red dragonfly is my new personal mascot. Maybe more like my "totem" (which will make sense to you only if you have read "Clan of the Cave Bear").
The first time I ever saw one was last month on my birthday, when one landed right on my hand as I was getting the mail. Then, this weekend, there seemed to be one at almost every turn on the trail. We were having lunch halfway through our 5 and a half mile hike (yes, sometimes we are athletic), when this one rested on a branch right behind us. It sat there long enough for both of us to get several pictures of it. J let me use his telephoto lens for the shot you see here.

I feel so connected with the forest. At night, when the tree frogs sang, I just got this overwhelming sense of being but one creature surrounded by countless other living beings. I felt as if everything around me was lush with life (and it was). Then, I got a glimpse of the stars. You can see so many, and it just makes you feel so small. But instead of a feeling of smallness in the sense that I don't matter, instead, I feel inspired to be a part of this larger being that I can't quite comprehend. Nature is my church, the universe is my god, and I am a part of it. What an incredible feeling.


Lever said...

Hmm... I seem to recall Carlos Castaneda mentioned totems in his teachings of Don Juan books, and Brian Bates' "The Way of Wyrd" talks of individuals' guardian or kindred spirits too. Every time I'm in the woods round here i see Roe Deer (Capreolus Capreolus) which is both unusal and a great honour because they tend to steer clear of people :)

Glad you had a good time connecting with nature again, and some very nice photos too :D

Kat E said...

Lever: Thanks for alerting me to the inadequacy of my literary knowledge ;)

Lever said...

LOL just swapping for my own ignorance of "Clan of the Cave Bear" ;)