Tuesday, October 30, 2007

oh goodie! a quiz!

Just when I needed some new material for posting...I've been tagged by Pastor Mom!

1. Who eats more? We both tend to be a little piggish.
2. Who said “I love you” first? I did, but he coerced me...
3. Who is the morning person? Definitely me, even though I never realized it until I started living with J.
4. Who sings better? J. He comes from a very talented family.
5. Who’s older? J is almost 8 months older than me.
6. Who’s smarter? I have a lot more formal education, he's got the street smarts.
7. Whose temper is worse? J's the one with the hot streak. I tend to keep my cool.
8. Who does the laundry? We share this one, though I'm the only one who actually folds things and puts them away.
9. Who does the dishes? When I cook, J cleans up, but I'd say I do the majority of the dish-related tasks.
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.
11. Whose feet are bigger? His are, but not by a lot. His stink more though.
12. Whose hair is longer? Mine.
13. Who’s better with the computer? Me.
14. Do you have pets? We have a dog, 2 cats, and 3 guinea pigs.
15. Who pays the bills? I pay all the household bills, he pays his own car payment and credit cards (by this I mean I physically write the checks and put them in the mail, not that I actually pay for everything myself!)
16. Who cooks dinner? For the most part me. We eat/order out once or twice a week.
17. Who drives when you are together? He drives while I complain about his driving.
18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? Whoever gets to their wallet first.
19. Who’s the most stubborn? Ha! Definitely not me, except when I know I'm right. Which is often.
20. Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Neither of us is especially fond of doing so, but we get around to it eventually.
21. Whose family do you see more? His-they all live an hour away, and mine live 1000 miles away.
22. Who named your pet? The dog was his and the cats were mine when we met...but we shared in the naming of the guinea pigs.
23. Who kissed who first? We kissed each other. Then I fell asleep on him.
24. Who asked who out? We met online, so I'm not sure this applies.
25. What did you do on your first date? On our first "real" date we went to dinner, and then back to my place, where we donned funny wigs and danced to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
26. Who’s more sensitive? Normally him, though at the moment I'm catching up.
27. Who’s taller? He is.
28. Who has more friends? Not sure. He definitely has more friends locally. Mine are scattered all over the country.
29. Who has more siblings? He has 2, I have 1.
30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? I think we share the pants pretty well.

OK, your turn. I'm tagging Chrysanthemum, Lever, and Fishlamp.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I guess I'm hormonal after all

So far this pregnancy--with the exception of some back pain, oh and also the dealing with the Gigantic Ass of Ridiculous Proportions--has been exceptionally easy. No weird food cravings or aversions, no hanging my head over the toilet, few crazy-lady outbursts.

Today I had a crazy day at work, and had to leave an hour early to make it to my hair appointment. I love my stylist so I keep going to her even though she's now 45 minutes away, and I have never once had to cancel an appointment. Anyway, like I said it was a crazy work day that ended with several back-to-back phone conferences, the last of which I needed to skip out early on to make it out the door on time. So I hung up the phone, threw on a little makeup (nothing worse than not having any makeup on under those salon lights...just kind of diminishes the nice feeling of having your hair done up), shoved the dog outside for a last bathroom break, grabbed my cell phone and headed out the door.

Just as I pulled our front door closed, it hit me. No...no...please NO! I scrambled through my purse and sure enough, NO KEYS. No house keys, no car keys. I quickly texted J (who was supposed to do something after work that would keep him away for several hours) asking him to please come home asap. Then I texted him 2 or 3 more times for good measure. When about 15 minutes passed with no reply, I lost it. The waterworks commenced, complete with audible sobbing noises. I let myself think of every possible reason J wasn't responding to my messages...his phone was dead, or equally likely, he was holed up in a hotel with a coworker. Everything but the obvious--that he was tied up at work and unable to get to his phone.

I am not normally one to break down so easily, but there you have it, proof of pregnancy-induced lunacy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I am so consumed with being pregnant that I can't think of anything else to talk about. I was trying to spare you all but then I figured what the hell, you wouldn't keep coming back here if I was *that* boring, right?

I mean, excuse me, but it is just slightly mind-boggling to have an entire human being growing inside your body, especially when it gets to the point where you can feel it moving around in there, and then, even stranger when you can see your belly moving on the outside like in Alien. So I really can't help but be fixated on this strange little miracle of nature. I'll just add that it's a *really* strange sensation to be kicked in the vagina (well, the cervix, if you want to get technical) from the inside. That's all I'm sayin'...

We had another ultrasound this week, and everything is looking good. J and I laughed when the tech drew a circle on the screen saying "now I'm just measuring the circumference of the baby's head." J and I both have a significant amount of pollock blood in us, and we have a really bizarre inside joke that could never be fully explained to anyone else but it involves calling J "Giant Pollock Head". I mentioned we're both Polish, right, so we're allowed to "take back" the word pollock and use it to our hearts' content--no offense allowed. So anyway, we are of course wondering if we are going to have a Giant Pollock Baby with a Giant Pollock Head Jr. It probably doesn't help that we are also both German and I am Italian...nice, big, strong, stock if you see what I'm getting at. Good thing I've been endowed with these big birthin' hips.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

730 days

Two years later...

Though every day might not be a magical carriage ride

And my waistline has changed quite drastically

I still love to hold your hand

Share life's sweet moments together

Steal a kiss when no one (or everyone) is looking

And I'm so glad I get to walk through this life with you.

Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

important mealtime considerations

Sunday dinner - Stuffed cabbage

Monday dinner - Leftover stuffed cabbage

Tuesday dinner - Vegetarian sloppy joes

Tuesday bedtime - Desperately wishing we had a set of these to save ourselves from ourselves:

Wednesday lunch - Briefly consider having leftover stuffed cabbage or vegetarian sloppy joe, remember that it's yoga night, and have a baked potato instead.

Monday, October 01, 2007

random Monday ramblings

This week I really started to feel the baby move on more of a regular basis. It's a pretty strange sensation that's been described as "like popcorn popping", "like a goldfish inside you that's too small for its bowl" and "like a bird flapping its wings". In my experience it really feels pretty close to how it feels when you have a bunch of gas bubbles gurgling around. The difference is that the gas eventually makes its way to places where you know the baby's not going...


Common courtesy is really slipping these days. Last weekend we attended the wedding of some people I would barely register as acquaintances. J went to high school with the groom, but the few times we have socialized with the groom +/- bride have been through occasions arranged by a mutual friend (one of J's best friends is pretty close to the groom). To top it off, no one liked the bride. When your own bridesmaids are talking about what an evil person you are at your own wedding, well, enough said. Anyway, J and I had a slight argument over how much to give for the wedding gift (east coast tradition is to generally give cash). I argued for a lesser amount (one that would certainly cover the costs of our attendance, plus a decent amount), considering that we barely know the couple. J argued for a higher amount, and I eventually conceded on the grounds that perhaps I could stand to be a tad more generous. We gave them a Home Depot gift card, since they recently bought a home together.

We were not expecting a lavish reception, and our expectations were not in the least surpassed. In J's words "I've been to receptions that used paper cups and plates, but I've never been to one that didn't at least have champagne for the toast". Also, why on earth would you set out corkscrews at the tables and then never bring any bottles to the tables? That's just a cruel tease. (Of course I, in my present condition, was the designated driver so no matter to me).

To get to my point (yes, finally, I know!)...we received a thank-you note from the couple within 2 days of the wedding. It was a photo card with a pre-printed message inside, and THEY DID NOT EVEN SIGN IT. So this means that they probably hadn't even opened the gifts before they put the cards in the mail. To be fair, our wedding thank you notes were similar...they did have a pre-printed message, but I wrote something personal in each and every one of those cards, because we really appreciated everyone's presence and generosity and I wanted everyone to know it. Is it too much to ask to just sign your own names on a card when people--especially people you BARELY KNOW--have taken the time to go to your wedding and give you a pretty generous gift? My mom taught me to write thank you notes and you can bet your ass that my kids will be taught to write them too. Sheesh.


Last night I dreamed that we went for an ultrasound, and the doctors told us that, according to their findings, the baby had a 20% chance of having either Down syndrome or psoriasis. It's so interesting how things get mish-moshed around in your dreams.