Wednesday, October 03, 2007

important mealtime considerations

Sunday dinner - Stuffed cabbage

Monday dinner - Leftover stuffed cabbage

Tuesday dinner - Vegetarian sloppy joes

Tuesday bedtime - Desperately wishing we had a set of these to save ourselves from ourselves:

Wednesday lunch - Briefly consider having leftover stuffed cabbage or vegetarian sloppy joe, remember that it's yoga night, and have a baked potato instead.


Mary Beth said...

We recently had a similar situation with back-to-back refried beans and split peas. It wasn't pretty.

Jay said...

Oh my!
You're very considerate to your fellow yoga-ites.

-J said...

We almost didn't make the 2nd Ann. Not to mention those stomach bubbles tossin' n turnin' p-nut.

justagirl said...

LMAO! Oh, I know the feeling. I am vegetarian, remember. I own stock in Beano.

Mercedes said...

Another cabbage-related note -- I had a barbecue sandwich with lots of coleslaw the other day. As the baby started literally spewing forth the milk he had just claimed from me, I remembered that his older brother always had issues with breastmilk after I had eaten cabbage. It was a bad night -- all because of cole slaw!

Kat E said...

Mercedes--I will definitely have to remember that story!