Tuesday, November 08, 2005

a little respect

Today, one of our company's accountants (who happens to be Chinese, just for the record) e-mailed me with a question about one of my timesheets. After we settled the original question, I received this e-mail from her, referring to the signature that appears at the bottom of all my e-mails:

"I just saw the PhD. I am sorry. I did and have not been addressing you properly."

I replied: "I hope you are kidding!"

To which she responded: "No, to be kidding would be disrespectful."

So, I thought for sure this had to be the work of a woman with a very dry sense of humor. But then again (WARNING: political incorrectness ahead), the fact that she is Asian made me wonder if she was actually *serious*! I have since heard that she went to a co-worker to say how embarrassed she was that she hadn't realized I had a PhD. I am incredulous that this woman was so concerned about how she addressed me. She is probably my mother's age, for god's sake! I *so* do not need my co-workers to call me "Doctor". If only our clients would have such inclinations...


Jay said...

Some people are just funny that way. I guess you just have to wait for her next email to see how things have changed.

Lever said...

Ah, Doctor, if only everyone had that little bit of respect the world would (probably) be such a polite place ;)