Thursday, November 17, 2005

2005 Greater Milford Photo Scavenger Hunt: VICTORY IS OURS

Last weekend, J and I participated in the 2005 Greater Milford Photo Scavenger Hunt, along with a few friends. Together, we were "Team What's Happening?". I was Shirl, J was Re-Run, and of course Dee, Rodge, and Da-wayne were part of the mix.

We had 2 hours to run around Milford (& environs), collecting items and photos of ourselves with certain objects and people. I have to say it was absolutely the most fun I've had while completely sober in a long time, second only to my wedding day.

Some highlights included:

Team members trying on bras:
(Thanks to J's mom for supplying them without hesitation when we showed up at her door).

Team members with a mannequin. We found ours at the local adult store:

A team member renting a "naughty" video:

And, team members re-enacting a light saber fight. We found that tubes of lube fit the bill quite nicely. Had to get as much in as we could at each location!

After making it back to "headquarters" with only 30 seconds to spare before points were to be deducted, and after eating several cupcakes and fistfuls of popcorn and doritos while waiting for the scores to be tallied, the announcement was finally made. We had made it into the top 3, along with our bitter rivals, Team Danza. The rivalry was mainly due to the fact that Team Danza was the only other team we knew, but also had a lot to do with the fact that both of our teams had designed team t-shirts especially for the event. We had done a lot of gauntlet-throwing, posturing, and childish bullying beforehand, so when we then found out that it was down to *just our two teams*, the tension mounted.

Turns out that Team What's Happening was VICTORIOUS at last (and by a wide margin, too, I might add)...

Here's our team captain trying to beat the crap out of Team Danza's Captain with one of our trophies. Just TRY and take our title away next year, chumps!


Lever said...

Now that sounds like a major laugh :)

If I'd known you were gonna rent *that* dvd from ye adulte shoppe i'd have asked BBFK to lend her copy to ya - could have saved you a couple of bucks ;)

Chrysanthemum said...

There seems to be a theme to your pictures... I can't put my finger on it. That hand signal is strangly odd.


Buncha sick freaks! That why I love ya. Until next year!!

Chrysanthemum said...

Oh, and there seems to be another significant photo missing in this collection...

Kat E said...

Lever: I'm sure we can get you copies of some of the many titles we already have on hand. we didn't actually rent "Jamaica Me Horny" during the scavenger hunt. Yes, that was the real title.

Chrys: I have no control over those boys when they're together. As for the missing photo, I think enough eyeballs have been scarred already by that one!

Anonymous said...

You're getting my good side on your christmas card Chrys!
And an 8X10 for a wedding gift.

Chrysanthemum said...

You mean it gets better?