Friday, November 04, 2005

an intimate secret

Ah, the joys of I was leaving for work yesterday, I noticed that an envelope had been placed in my purse. It was labeled "To My Darling Wife." How sweet, I thought. How utterly charming. I waited until I got to the office to open what was surely a hearfelt love note.

I tore open the envelope and caught a glimpse of the contents. It was a small newspaper clipping, and I caught the line at the top, "Love Is." You know it, the sickenly sweet cartoon featuring what seem to be 2 naked children, eternally finding ways to tell the world how pure and wondrous is their love.

I thought, "wow! this marriage thing isn't half bad, he's already clipping out the 'Love Is' cartoon and thinking of me!"

I present to you, gentle readers, the clipping my dear husband enclosed for me that fateful day, complete with the special addition he made just for me:

The sad thing is, it's true. Even sadder, it'd still be true if the picture showed the girl whispering into the boy's ear. Good thing we found each other.


Chrysanthemum said...

I'm with you there... The Boy and I tell each other all the time that it's a good thing that we took each other off the market, because no one else would put up with us.

And we must go on vacation together to settle the feud once and for all....

Lever said...

LMFAO say hi to the boy from me OK :) I totally dig that LOL

Can we go to Sally's again sometime? I loved that place :)