Wednesday, February 06, 2008

make room for baby

We have several pets, but our cat Monty is pretty special. He's super affectionate, and due to his love of being held (and the fact that he will cry until you pick him up), we've been referring to him as our "practice baby". Apparently he's taken this moniker to heart, because I've been discovering him "trying out" pretty much every new piece of baby-related gear in the house.

Exhibit A: Monty in the crib

Exhibit B: Monty on the changing table

And, Exhibit C, captured this morning: Monty in the stroller

I hope he doesn't get too upset when baby comes and he finally realizes that we didn't buy all this stuff just to give him more places to curl up and nap!

(excuse the photo quality...took them with my cell phone!)


ergo said...

Hee hee. Well, if it holds the weight of Monty hopefully it will also hold the weight of baby.

I'm sending good labor vibes your way and tagging you for a meme.

justagirl said...

Kitty's gonna get a wake up call real soon!