Wednesday, February 13, 2008

daily update

Yes, baby is still cooking. Last night I pigged out on a Chili's Awesome Blossom hoping it would stir things up in my abdomen enough to trigger labor. Instead I just ended up feeling nauseous from eating too much grease.

I suppose it was for the best, considering the current weather here in New England...we got a lot of snow last night and now we have freezing rain. Poor J shoveled our entire 400-foot driveway by himself last night just in case we might have to make a quick getaway.

Maybe we'll get a Valentine's baby??


Jay said...

Aw, that would be sweet.
How are you doing? Are you both dealing with that sense of any-minute-now fairly well? Have you been sleeping at all?

Kat E said...

I'm hanging in there...actually a lot less anxious now that the due date has come and gone. And, sleeping fairly well, to my surprise. Maybe it's because I know it's my last chance to get any kind of good sleep for a long, long time :)

Jay said...

No kidding!
I'm so excited, everyone knows I'm checking for updates constantly, everyone keeps asking if you've had it yet.
Any talk of induction?

Kel Bel said...

I was so selfishly pulling for you to have it yesterday...but hope for your sake he or she decides to make an appearance sometime soon!

Mary Beth said...

Isn't it amazing how watching the due date fly by takes the pressure off! Keep cookin' baby! Don't let them even mention the 'i' word for at least another few days!

Jay said...

No update yet today....what could this mean???