Sunday, December 16, 2007

a holiday riddle

What is over 10 feet tall, produces a cheerful glow, and wakes you up at 3:20 AM by making this noise: "WHOOSH! BOOM! pop! tinkle tinkle rattle tinkle..."??

That's right, it's my Christmas tree *falling over* mere hours after being fully decorated.

Luckily, we only lost one non-generic ornament, and the glass table the tree fell on escaped unharmed. The tree is now safely tethered to the wall. It's a little crooked, but we're not messing with it again.

It did not help that there was an ice storm last night. When you're lying awake in bed after an incident like that, the sound of ice pellets hitting the windows is eerily reminiscent of pine needles and glass shards falling upon wood floors and glass tables...

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justagirl said...

Oh no! That happened to us the first year I was married, and we had gone out and cut down a tree by ourselves. First and only time, lol! The tree was lopsided to begin with. I heard that sucker go over in the middle of the night. Yep, we used fishing line to tether ours to the wall, too! Never again.