Saturday, December 29, 2007

Eating for two

Breakfast: oatmeal

Mid-morning snack: many pieces of holiday chocolate

Acid reflux begins.

Lunch: Healthy vegetable soup

2 hours later, hunger returns. Contemplate what to eat to relieve hunger yet not aggravate the acid reflux.

Obvious solution: consume half a box (movie theater-sized) of Dots candy.

Half hour later: Search for Tums

I've obviously got this healthy pregnancy eating thing nailed.


Mary Beth said...

Hmm, that sounds vaguely familiar! Just wait until you start nursing and are so hungry that chewing on your own shoe sounds like a GREAT idea!

Lever said...

If I was pregnant I'd probably be on the peanut butter cups... but I've not got "one in the oven" so I'll just stuff myself with Reece's anyway :D

Love & best wishes to you and the boy and your candy-fed baby from Me, B & N :D

Lever said...

Oh yeah, and Happy New year too guys :D

Kel Bel said...

Is it bad that your eating plan sounds a lot like mine, sans the pregnancy and acid reflux? I started strictly counting WW points again this week and I was so hungry I wanted to murder someone. Or eat an entire box of leftover holiday chocolate!