Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yesterday I spent the morning sitting out back, entertaining Maia and looking out into the woods. When she napped, I actually got to read a book for a little while. Yes, it sounds nice, but there was one detail that pushed yesterday morning particularly close to ecstasy. No, I wasn't eating an entire carton of Haagen Daaz... While I was outside enjoying the lovely day, inside there were people hard at work cleaning my entire house. I'll confess: I hired cleaners.

I've been thinking of (or rather, daydreaming about) hiring professional cleaners for a while, but now that Maia is here, I realized that I didn't want to spend the little free time I had shoving a dirty brush into my toilets. Even when I would spend an entire Saturday cleaning the house, I would rarely have enough time to clean the floors after vacuuming up all the stray dogs living under my furniture and putting away piles of laundry.

So, I found a nice couple that run their own cleaning business. Their price was totally reasonable, so I took the plunge. I don't think there's any going back now...I mean, they cleaned the inside of my microwave!

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Kel Bel said...

I caved mentally on this months ago...I even have a name, I just haven't called her yet. But it is money well spent, and quite frankly, I'm just not as competent as they are :)