Thursday, July 24, 2008

baby haiku

In an effort to nurture my creative side, I've been working on some poetry--haiku, to be specific. I probably need to expand my choice of subject matter, however.

stars bright, baby stirs
mommy and daddy need sleep
clock reads 3 AM

rain falls warm and sour
drips onto shoulders and floor
please stop spitting up

a snuggling pair
baby suckles at the breast
ouch baby, don't bite!

butterscotch pudding
warm, sticky, smeared on my shirt
oops, I smell poopie

well, what do you think?


Scott said...

Hiya. First time visitor.

Too cute!

But when you got a baby it makes sense you have less else to talk about being that is pretty much all you deal with, ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Kat E said...

Thanks for stopping by Scott!

justagirl said...

Beautiful! I haven't written haiku in ages. I should try some. I love butterscotch pudding, btw. But not poopie.

Jay said...

I think you're awfully consistent!
Hehe, well, when your subject matter is so precious, who can help it?