Monday, March 03, 2008

nervous daddy

J takes the baby upstairs to change her. A few minutes later, he's calling my name with a bit of a frantic tone to his voice. I walk into the nursery. "She peed on me, and then she spit up, and HER BELLY BUTTON IS FALLING OFF!" As he says all of this, he begins to realize he's freaking out *just a little bit*. Granted, the umbilical stump was halfway off and looked really gross...thankfully at least one of us had read the books about these things and knew what to expect.

Today the baby went back to business as usual--greeting daddy with several loud farts in a row. That's one bodily function with which he's familiar enough to handle like a pro. Oh, and the stump finally did fall off on its own today...


Mary Beth said...

Baby farts can really throw you off, can't they? "Oh, look at sweet little Maia..." RRRRIIIIPPPP!

Jay said...

There are precious few times in your life when farts and pee and falling off stumps are so cute.

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

LMAO. I love hearing about daddy hazings. Nice one Maia.....can't wait to meet 'cha Babe! XO

justagirl said...



Which isn't good, cuz I'm at work. :\


Well now, that is just too damn funny.