Monday, March 31, 2008

god forbid I should have to wash a dish

Why is it that every time I have guests over and am feeding them, they always ask why I'm not using paper plates? The last time this happened I said "well, I have these perfectly good plates right here" and the response I got was "but then you have to wash them". And that's why I have a dishwasher? I just don't understand this attitude. Sure, if I'm having a larger gathering paper plates are the way to go...but I didn't register for a set of 12 nice plates so that I could whip out the paper ones anytime I have one extra person at my dinner table.

Just a little something I wanted to vent about...

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Kel Bel said...

they are the same people that buy new cars and then don't drive them for 3 years because they are new and they don't want to get them dirty. craziness.