Monday, August 01, 2005


Yesterday, I was thrown a suprise shower by J's aunts. Not only do these people know how to throw a good party, they really know how to keep a secret. J lured me to his aunt's house (which is situated directly on Long Island Sound) with the promise of riding the Sea-Doos, which we had wanted to do the previous weekend but couldn't, so the story was fairly plausible. The downside was that my preparatory routine for sea-doo riding consisted of throwing on a tank top and shorts over my bathing suit and donning sunglasses over my splotchy, makeup-less face. Hardly what I would have done had I known I'd soon be confronted with 40 women who'd come to spend the day watching my every move.

After the intial shock wore off, I was able to not worry so much about my appearance. Until, that is, after the gifts had been opened and they seated me in a centrally located chair for the "silly games". That's when the cop walked in, and with a flourish of his nightstick, asked me if I was ready to be taken..."downtown". (Do I need to clarify that as he spoke the word "downtown", his hand made its way over his crotch in a suggestive manner??) Giovanni the "cop" put on quite a show. Let's just say he was very athletic and also very hairless. Used to performing in more private locations, the setting on the wide-open deck found him both a bit chilly and slightly embarrassed (not that you'd have known that!). After his primary act, he allowed me to choose the next victim. Thank god my future mother-in-law is a good sport!

Overall, a good time was had by all. And I get to do it all over again next weekend when I go home to Chicago for another shower and the "official" bachelorette party...


rebekah said...

hehehe. strippers kind of gross me out ... boy parts are not attractive at all ... in my humble opinion at least ... not that i've seen too many of them ... ahem. ok i've wandered into being weird now ... i'm done :)

Kat E said...

I agree that those parts are not particularly pretty to look at. Which is why my reaction to strippers usually consists of hysterical laughter, wild screaming, and slight fear that something might get too close.