Friday, August 26, 2005

it's the little things

Today J and I accomplished another pre-wedding task: deciding on inscriptions for our wedding bands. After eliminating choices such as "Put me back on", and "My nubian princess" (don't ask, I have no answer), we settled on these coordinating inscriptions:

His: "Let your lovelight shine on me"

Mine: "Not fade away"

Both will also have our wedding date. Yeah, yeah, we're a couple of freakin' hippies.



Big Ed said...

Who said hippies are bad? I didn't.

As long as you like the inscriptions, who cares what anybody else thinks, right?

rebekah said...

i like hippies ...

and ring inscriptions ...


Chrysanthemum said...

Wow... a little over a month to go. Hard to believe.

PS. Nice balls, ed

Kat E said...

Big Ed: exactly.

Rebekah: be glad you are not going to be spending a year and a half planning your wedding--all that time makes you go nuts over every little thing. be sure to enjoy yourself!

C'mum: It feels like tomorrow!