Monday, July 11, 2005

Our zoo now has an amphibian exhibit

On Saturday my tadpoles arrived from Uncle Milton (as in Uncle Milton' Surf Frogs; yes, that's the same Uncle Milton of ant farm fame). If you click on that Uncle Milton link you will see what kind of gift J has figured out will bring me great joy (in this case, the Uncle Milton Surf Frog Habitat). Did you notice the "Surf Shop" where the frogs can hide out? And how about that monster wave, dude? I will say that the excessive use of the word "dude" and phrases such as "surf's up" in the instruction booklet are the only thing about this gift I found annoying. But I suppose the intended "Ages 6 and up" demographic gets off on that kind of thing.

So, anyway, the nonhuman animal-to-human animal ratio chez nous has just been raised from 3:1 to 4:1 (8 nonhuman animals, 2 human animals). I promise I will not become one of those animal hoarders; I may be neglectful in emptying the litterbox, but I refuse to sleep on a sheet in the corner because the animals shit all over the bed and the couch. (I saw a woman like this on a show called Life of Grime on Discovery Health Channel. She had about 45 cats in her apartment, and had had to throw away the mattress due to fecal overwhelmance. Her walls were streaked with god-knows-what kind of feline eminations. She realized she couldn't handle all the cats anymore so she ended up surrendering most of them. Kind of sad--she meant well.)

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