Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Damn you, Today Show!

OK, it's not even PMS time, and yet the Today Show, of all freakin' things, has made me cry two days in a row. They are doing a series they are calling "Christmas in July". You get it.

Yesterday it was a girl, a sophomore in high school, who had been born with spina bifida. It was her dream to go to the U of Oklahoma and become a doctor, to help children with spina bifida, of course. Her dad had run off when she was a baby when he saw how difficult it was going to be to care for her. Her mom and aunt raised her, and she'd had 50-something surgeries, including the amputation of one leg. Yet she was always hideously upbeat. So they brought her on the show, and the president of the U of Oklahoma awarded her a full ride there. She cried. Her mom and aunt cried. And yes, so did I.

Today, they featured a military family. Shortly after the husband had been deployed to Iraq, flooding hit the family's home, and it subsequently fell apart. The wife and two children had to live in their car, because the house was uninhabitable. Yet the wife kept her MP husband in the dark, because she didn't want him to put his life in more danger by being distracted with worry. She got help from a charity organization, but the contractors sent to fix the house did a shitty job and the roof was still half caved in. The Today show got Home Depot and JC Penney to donate a bunch of stuff--they fixed up the house, and even bought new school clothes for the kids. The family had gotten clothing from the Goodwill for their Today Show appearance. When their new house was revealed, the mother and daugher sobbed. The son was excited. They had the husband via satellite from Iraq--he thanked Anne Curry and kept calling her "Ma'am." Not only did I cry, I was actually near sobbing.

This has got to stop.


Lever said...

*hands you a Kleenex* don't cry, it's OK... everythings cool :)

BTW very nice to meet you last week, Kat E, albeit very briefly. Maybe next time BBFK can get us all out to a bar somewhere :)

Kitty said...

Try watching something a little more "up" like Nancy Grace on Court TV or CNN! Oh how that bug-eyed southern belle makes me laugh! Guaranteed you won't be reaching for the Kleenex box anymore.