Tuesday, July 12, 2005

As of today, I am 100%, completely, totally convinced that men get PMS, too. And instead of the bloating, cramping, and weepiness, they just turn into total BITCHES.


Storm Trooper said...

Ok...? What are you talking about? Did your Dad yell at you?

Sam said...

I've had one male friend to actually admit as much.

Kat E said...

What I mean is, just as I cry at the drop of a hat at certain times of the month, a certain man in my life becomes severely moody and angers at the slightest provocation, and this happens regularly, about once a month. (and, no it's not my dad--he's like that all the time).

I think there's actual scientific evidence that men do in fact have a "cycle". It's just all bitchiness and no blood, as far as I can tell.