Tuesday, June 14, 2005

PMS rears its salty, dripping head

Yesterday, I cried:

1) while picking out Father's day cards

2-4) 3 separate times while watching Operation Homecoming on The Learning Channel

Thank god I didn't see any Purina commercials (you know, like the one where the boy gets the puppy and then the puppy becomes an old dog that can barely make it up the stairs but when it does the boy--now a handsome young man--lets the dog lick his face and he hugs the dog joyfully, and all that). I am getting choked up just thinking about it. This is pathetic. Damn you, hormones!


ergo said...

I'm with you on the PMS thing. I picked up the guitar to practice and started to tear up to one of my own damn songs (the ultimate in lame!)

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Vitamin B6. (25 mg, daily)
Get it.

Kat E said...

You know what though, I don't really *mind* getting choked up at that sappy stuff once in a while! Now, if I got choked up reading cereal boxes in the middle of Stop N' Shop, that'd be a different story... ;)

Zach said...

My girlfriend and I just broke up, so I've had an emotional hair-trigger for the last week.

As I was logging into Gmail a few days ago I noticed the option below the login saying "Remember me on this computer." This immediately, inexplicably choked me up.

When you think about it the right way, it really is a tragic, plaintive sentiment. No doubt it could pass as a Bright Eyes song title.

So I can temporarily empathize with you, I think.