Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Weight Watchers and Costco don't mix

At Costco this weekend, J talked me into dropping a 4-pound bag of trail mix into the cart. He likes to eat it at work, driving around in his truck, and I was too hungry and in a hurry to argue.

The first 5 minutes in the store were fairly amusing, as Maia decided to spit up all over the floor, with J quickly deflecting with a "hey, what's in that aisle over there?", allowing us to remove ourselves from the scene. But I can only deal with shopping at Costco for about as much time as Matthew McConaughey can deal with wearing a shirt. I might have been appeased by the free mini-quiche samples but there were never any ready when I walked by. And then there was J, wandering off to look at shorts and glass balls for your garden and strange electronic devices, leaving me to stand with the cart, bouncing the baby and smiling politely at comments like "what aisle did SHE come from?" In the end, as usual, we left having spent well over $100 more than I had wanted us to.

And now that bag, that ridiculously gigantic bag of trail mix, is sitting on top of my refrigerator, taunting me. I recently re-joined Weight Watchers because breastfeeding was not the magic post-partum weight loss trick I was promised, so there's no way I can sit with that bag of trail mix in my lap and eat it by the handful like I really want. People, do you have any idea how excruciating it is to measure 3 tablespoons of trail mix from a 4-pound bag? I'm here to tell you, it HURTS.


[fishlamp] said...

Portion control sucks. I have to start measuring out my servings too (as part of a new diet regime), and it ticks me off every time I cook. Grr.

justagirl said...

I hate stores like that. I had started shopping at Meijer, a local big box supermarket, a few months ago in an effort to save money. But I quickly concluded that the extra money I spend going to my local grocery was well worth keeping my sanity.

Trail Mix has the *good* kind of fat your body needs! Well, unless 1/4 of it is M&Ms like some mixes have.

Mercedes said...

Breastfeeding is like the OPPOSITE of losing weight, if you ask me. I find that my body just seems to turn my metabolism even lower if I try to diet while bfing. Nevertheless, I have still started on Weight Watchers again myself. I cannot wait to be completely free of bfing -- one more month! -- and THEN see if I am not losing weight bc my metabolism has really sunk to a new low, or, if I can blame bfing after all! :-)

Kel Bel said...

This is why I can't buy trail mix...the pain of portion control is just too great.