Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A TRUE post-pregnancy-announcement conversation

J's Grandma: So, where are you going to put the baby?

J: If it's ugly, in the attic.

[We kid, people, we kid!]


Kel Bel said...

I like that you changed your avatar to reflect your changed condition...are you already sporting a baby bump? Do a MB and post pictures!

Kat E said...

I don't think the bump is noticeable to anybody but me yet. I wish it was. I don't like this in-between stage. But we are going to start taking pics soon so I'll be sure to post some :)

Lever said...


Now how on earth is gonna be ugly from you two huh?

Yeah, spotted your avatar straight away too... you can just tell when an avatar's got that "glow" can't you?

Kat E said...

Unfortunately I think my avatar has more of a "glow" than I actually do!