Tuesday, March 13, 2007

change of address

For the last 2 years, I have been updating our collective address book by scratching out old addresses and adding new ones to our original wedding guest list, fully intending all along to get them all uploaded into one computer...because I have 3 different computers with different address books, and the only place all of those addresses ever resided together was on theknot.com. I have downloaded our invite list from theknot.com at least 3 different times since the wedding.

This past holiday season, we sent out an insane amount of cards...working of course off of one of my ridiculous crossed-out-scrawled-on address list printouts. After the holidays were said and done, I updated the list with new addresses received on cards, and made a note of who sent cards to us. Since I did all the cards myself, I resolved squarely to do far less next year. I only got about halfway through entering my mess of a list into my laptop when it was time to pack up the house for the move...

So you can see where this is going, right? I finally got around to designing some lovely change of address postcards...they're nice and glossy and have a picture of the house, and they came in the mail a few days ago. So last night I fought my way through the usual straightjacket of procrastination and went to start addressing the cards.

Only...I can't find my hideous scrawled-upon-beat-up address list! I remember purposely putting it someplace where I knew it would be easy to find after the move. Apparently that's a sure-fire way to lose things, because for the life of me I have no idea where this thing is. It's even in a bright red folder, this much I know.

I can find the centerpiece from our wedding head table (the one that almost burned the reception hall down). I know exactly where I've stored the collection of Cabbage Patch Dolls I had as a kid, and if you asked me to show you the bag full of baby things that J's aunt has already bought for us (even though we have no kids and I'm not pregnant)? Right this way.

I know that list will turn up eventually. It's probably right next to something else really important, like J's autographed poster of Ronnie James Dio. Or his baggie of wisdom teeth.


Mary Beth said...

You'll find it when you're not looking for it!

If it makes you feel any better, this is the first year that I haven't used our wedding address list for Christmas cards and we've been married for almost eight years.

Jennifer said...

I do that all the time: put things in a spot where I won't forget them or lose them, then promptly forget them and lose them. I'm sure it will turn up!

BTW, I went to a male friend's house a couple weeks ago and he wanted to show me his wisdom teeth. What is it about boys and their teeth????? I refused to look at them. He was hurt.

Kat E said...

MB--That does make me feel better!

Jennifer--that is bizarre. I mean, sure, I brought home my tonsils in a plastic container when I was 7, but saving your wisdom teeth? Weird.

By the way--I FOUND IT!! It was 1) in a very obvious place and 2) somewhere I had already looked about 14 times before I actually saw it.

Brom said...

The number of times I've gone looking for something and kept going back to the same place and that's where it was. My theory is that there is a part of the brain that knows all along, but the rest of it won't listen!

Monks said...

You are right...the sure fire way to loose something is to put it in a "special place" so you won't loose it. Then, when it turns up missing, it is even more agrivating because you specifically remember being responsible by placing it somewhere it won't get lost in the shuffle!

In the famous words, or grunt of Homer Simpson; "DOH!!!"

Anonymous said...

I know where the remnants of the mullet are too!!!! Showings on an individual basis. -J