Wednesday, October 05, 2005

time to cut the cord already!

I just did something I am not too happy about. It involved money, and a demand on the part of my father. He basically instructed me how much I am to pay the officiant (my uncle) for performing the wedding, and his instruction was vastly different (read: a lot MORE) than we had sort of worked out with the officiant on our own. He's got some kind of scheme going on, like he wants to see if my aunt and uncle will 1) keep the money 2) reject the money or 3) give us back some or all of the money in the form of a wedding gift. My father said he would reimburse me for whatever they didn't give back as a gift. So why doesn't he just pay the fee himself, you may ask? Damned good question.

I am now angry for a couple of reasons. First, in order to avoid conflict in the days before the wedding, I basically gave in to him with little argument. Mostly because I am hoping we really will recoup the money and it will be no big deal. But can I really be blamed for not wanting to get into it with my dad 4 days before our wedding? I am also mad at my father for giving me such an instruction, when *in fact*, this should be a decision J and I should make together. It is OUR money. So basically he could have just started a major fight between J and I in the days before our wedding. I'm sure he didn't even think about that though.

Just when you start to feel like an independent adult, you find yourself falling back into the same old patterns...

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Big Ed said...

Sadly, I know the conflicts that arise the few days before a wedding. i can say this for them though. Once you actually make it through the reception, you are home free. After that, nothing will seemthat bad. I promise. So just hold out a few more days and then it'll be alot easier to have disagreements because the MAJOR stressor will be gone. I speak not only from experience, but from a crazy psychotic mother-in-law. My grandmother, sweet nice little 86 year old woman, came up to me at the reception and asked if my mother-in-law was on medication...I told her no she wasn't...she then asked me why not?

I about shit myself I was laughing so was just so out of character for her.

Just remember, once it's over, all will go back to mostly normal and dealing with family becomes a lot you're almost there.