Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fine Art--For Sale By Owner

Who wouldn't want to start their very own collection of fine art? Having an art collection says "I'm sophisticated, smarter than you, and apparently have little better to do with my money." Unfortunately, we can't all afford an original Picasso doodle--even at Costco--and surely lack the cojones to go around stealing Munch paintings right off museum walls. What other options do we common folk have? Ansel Adams posters? Just a bit trite, I say. A real art collector goes for the originals.

Which brings us to the wonderful world of art, as interpreted by budding photographer Ronda Wilde. I can't quite get a grip on her vision, as it seems to fluctuate wildly between nightmarish Photoshopped interpretations of trees and candid self-portraits suitable for publication in Forty-Something Trailer Park MILFs. But for $3, you can start your fine art collection with your own original Ronda Wilde print. Don't forget to look at the prints on which she's superimposed her own poetry. Apparently she also thinks that making a photograph in black & white means that she can call it "vintage."


BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Oh, pa-leaze...didn't you see how her ass was perched? Now, that's definitely art.
(*still* laughing.....)

Kat E said...

Maybe I should have given a "Not Safe For Work" warning? (as if it matters to you!)