Thursday, January 24, 2008

17 days to go

The time is drawing near, and I am NOT ready! I mean, emotionally I am totally ready. Really can't wait to meet this little person and especially to find out if estrogen or testosterone will hold the majority in my household. (Currently, if you count the pets, which I'm not sure is fair seeing as they're all eunuchs, testosterone is winning). However, I have tendencies toward procrastination/perfectionism, which means that I like my deadlines because they're the only way I get things accomplished (usually well done but just under the wire). So I have a recently-painted guest room/office to put back together so my parents have a comfortable place to stay, not to mention a nursery that needs the finishing touches of organization, and I won't even go there when it comes to telling you about the floors that need cleaning and the surfaces that need dusting.

Will the baby care about any of this stuff? Of course not. And I'm sure the baby won't even really be using the nursery for the first few weeks anyway...but in my OCD brain this house needs to be in tip-top shape before I rush off to labor & delivery. So this weekend will probably be filled with enough organizing and cleaning activity to send me right into long as everything's done, that will be fine by me!

By the way, here's a sneak peek at our little one (taken on 1/23)...courtesy of the modern magic of 3D ultrasound, which my OB's office recently acquired. I've always thought these images were slightly on the creepy side, but hey, who can resist. I was VERY pleased to discover that the baby seems to have inherited daddy's lips, seeing as I have very little to contribute in that department:

As of yesterday, baby's weight was estimated at 6 lbs 7 there go my hopes for losing 20 pounds by giving birth!


Mary Beth said...

Less than three weeks! Yowza! Those are some big kissable lips!

Kel Bel said...

So cute! Can't wait to meet the little one someday :)

Jay said...

I can't believe how close you are, sweetie. It doesn't seem possible. Okay, well, I assume it feels more than possible to you, but you know what I mean!

p.s. Your letter below made me cry, especially about the part with your not-yet-husband in the kitchen.

justagirl said...

Awwwwwww! What an amazing ultrasound picture!