Friday, May 11, 2007


So, J and I have been invited to some kind of fancy dinner thing with his parents tonight. I love getting dressed up, but almost every nice dress I own is SOOOO 10 or 15 pounds ago. So here's the I wear:

-the cute dress from the plus-size store that I just wore to a work meeting on Tuesday (provides ample coverage but I'm a little bored of it at the moment and because I wear it to work things, does not seem very sexy to me right now)

-a very hot number that shows off the curves (one of those black lace over tan fabric types...sizzling!), but that is dangerous in terms of displaying a belly pooch once I consume any type of food or drink

-an even hotter chiffon tiger print dress that is flowy enough to eliminate any stomach worries, has total cleavage exposure (which, if you were wondering, is a plus in my book), but is just snug enough around the top to create a bit of back fat overflow behind the arms

--a burlap sack

What's a girl to do?


Jennifer said...

I vote for #2. Real women have pooches dang it!

Kat E said...

Hey, I guess according to "Pulp Fiction" pooches are sexy, right? ;)

karaokekitty said...

#2, #2!!! I know that dress - it's hot!! Pooch, shmooch! Who cares? You look great! No worries!!!

Mary Beth said...

Let me just start by saying that I'd do you no matter what you were wearing.

That said, I'd vote for #3. If you can't see the back fat then you're not going to worry about it, right?

But I'd also defer to KK since she's seen you in #2.

Jennifer said...

Mary Beth I am stunned. Stunned. LMAO!

Kat E said...

It's OK Jennifer, she's allowed to say things like that to me and I'm going to take partial credit for planting that seed of naughtiness way back when ;)

I'm going to the 2 contenders on with an appropriate undergarment before making my final decision. I just wish I had some spanx!

Kat E said...

In case anyone was wondering, I went with #3. It looked better with the right bra, and I was able to stuff myself and not worry about sucking in my gut. It was great.

Jennifer said...

I'm sure you look marvelous! Hope you had a great time!

Jennifer said...

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