Friday, July 14, 2006

tequila, inducer of apocalyptic dreams

Last night after 2 margaritas, I had a very vivid and detailed dream.

First there was a very short pre-dream, in which my friends Chrissy and Dave had gone to a movie and text-messaged me the ending: "The punks did it!"

Then, the big dream began. It started out with a cryptic premonitory note from my mother, warning us to fill up the car with gas and prepare to evacuate. While it was not exactly spelled out, I interpreted this to have something to do with upcoming potentially apocalyptic world events that would require mass fleeing and chaos. Next thing I knew, I was in the driveway of Heather and Jon Armstrong (of dooce and blurbomat, respectively), where Heather was completely freaking out, muttering about sea monsters and other things. In the meantime, there *was* mass chaos in the streets, and school buses lined the neighborhood, and everyone was being told to put their children on the buses. I had a strange feeling that something was not quite right, that maybe this was just a covert alien plot to abduct all of earth's children. But Heather was convinced that the earth was under attack of some kind and that putting the children on the buses was the right thing to do.

Fast forward to a sort of post-war scene, devoid of most people (at this point Heather was hiding in her attic in an almost catatonic state and Jon was creeping around the yard trying to avoid being seen), and full of overturned cars and other debris. Suddenly, a mass of youths came spilling out into the streets, cheering and causing a ruckus. I realized, "the punks did it!" It had been their plot all along to rid the world of mainstreamers by taking away their children, and they had succeeded by convincing everyone that the earth was under some kind of horrible attack.

(A side note: while I identified the youths as "punks" in the dream, and they did *act* like punks, they were clearly attired as goths.)

I need to stop drinking tequila before bedtime.


karaokekitty17 said...

What is it with tequila and dreams? Forgot to mention, last night (after tequila and crashing on your recliner) I had a weird dream about being at a state fair during a tornado and worried about being swept away - it was freaky!


Eight Hour Lunch said...

Wow. Tequila has never done that to me. I'd have a hell of a lot more to write about if it did though... :)

Kat E said...

I will admit that I'm only blaming the tequila in the absence of any other coherent explanation for this stuff ;)

eight hour lunch, thanks for stopping by!

Lever said...

Oh no... doomed to an adminstration drafting new ammendments of compulsory black nail polish & badly applied mascara & lipstick with a wardrobe of all black/purple with black/purple hair. Yikes. Ah well, better than a life of suits and ties ;)

Kat E said...

Lever, thanks for taking the scenario just one step further, ha!

Mary Beth said...

I'm in love with dooce. I'm so jealous you got to dream about her.