Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Love:

-the way he giggles when I get him in those tickles-so-much-but-feels-so-good spots

-that I'm convinced he can read my mind

-the way he walks through the kitchen on his toes in the morning

-that he can make me laugh until my face hurts

-that he sometimes wears mismatched argyle socks on purpose

-that he brings me coupons

-that he still plans romantic surprises, and still brings me flowers

-the way his voice sounds on the radio

-watching him "do" his hair

-the way he smells

-knowing he would get into a fight over me (even though I wouldn't want him to)

-the way he tries to protect me when I cross the street

-that he comes to get me when he finds a cool bug in the yard

-his karaoke impressions of Christopher Cross, Neil Young, and Ronnie James Dio

-that I married him

Happy First Married Valentine's Day!


Lever said...

The way he smells huh? I shall have to try get BBFK to subscribe to my virtues then ;)

Kat E said...

Fair enough critique...though that wasn't quite what I had in mind ;) We battle equally on that front...

Chrysanthemum said...

I'm with you, lever. I've experienced that smell first hand. I guess it's a pure test of true love!

Happy first Valentine's Day you crazy newlyweds!!

BeckyBumbleFuck said...

Oh, Sappy S.

AND Lever, good luck, babe. :D