Wednesday, January 11, 2006

spam, a lot.

I've been getting a ton of spam on my primary e-mail account lately, and no matter how vigorously I report it to comcast, it just keeps on coming. The interesting thing is that, instead of subject lines like "earn millions now!" or "your penis too can be the size of King Kong's", the ones I get are just collections of random words--jibberish, basically. Actual examples include "avesta hearten hyannis thorough trite conscript", "a marx, it's cloudburst", and "radiometer salina shrunk brahmsian crow duty".

Yesterday I received a spam with the best subject line to date:
"!However, the baby appears to be mentally alert..." (note that in the original, the exclamation point at the beginning was miraculously upside-down, even though the statement following it was in english). Today I got one entitled "dispensate laxative". Because, you know, a subject like that *really* makes me want to know what the e-mail says...

Anyway, I am thinking of have a t-shirt made one of these days, perhaps by the folks at Another one to add to the "damn! why didn't I think of that?!" list...


Lever said...

Hey, you just MADE me go look in my spam folder... ;)

Really? Wow, I can't remember sending out an invite in the first place :S

unitarian let slung do triatomic.
Sorry, sub atomic theory aint my bag!

The biggest news in sex toys...
Biggest? Don't tell me, it's a planet-sized butt plug, bigger than Uranus!

That's definitely a "should have thought o' that first" website :)

Kat E said...

LMAO at your Re:orgy comment!!

karaokekitty17 said...

I just received one the other day

When we gonna f***? (of course I'm censoring it)

And it was from a woman!

I haven't gotten any subjects as good as "radiometer salina shrunk brahmsian crow duty". Wow that rocks!

Chrysanthemum said...

I guessed that means I shouldn't have used your email address to log into all of those porn sites.

My bad... sorry!

Kat E said...

My god Kitty...that is too funny!

C'Mum...between you and my husband, I guess all hope is lost!